Adventures in Cheddar

After a few months of soft cheeses, I’ve finally ventured into the world of hard cheese. I bought a cheese press which I put on my shelf for a few weeks and finally got up the nerve to use it. It was surprisingly easy to use the press but I don’t know if I needed it – it seems like I could have used a pile of books instead.

The recipe for Cheddar is like a lot of the other cheeses I’ve made. For a good little video of basic cheese making check out this video:

Things get more complicated as soon as you want harder cheeses and you put the curd into the press and begin pressing it for more than 12 hours. When it comes out of the press it is compacted and dense but still moist.

My First Cheddar

My First Cheddar

It’s been air-drying for a few days and I am planning on waxing this cheddar today or tomorrow. It’ll be my first time waxing a cheese as well. Then, it’ll sit in the wax for at least 4 weeks until I can start munching.

I’m learning that cheese making is an art of patience as it takes weeks and months for monst cheeses to ripen sufficiently. Although I tend to want instant results, I’m going to have to learn how to be ok with waiting patiently and I expect that the wait will be worth it.


One response to “Adventures in Cheddar

  1. What great blog content! I’m a huge cheeselover as well. I even figured out how to wax cheese to keep it in my food storage long term 🙂

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