My First Goat Cheese

I’ve become a home cheesemaker!

I’d been running my mouth for the past few years about how I’d like to have a goat farm one day where I would milk my goats and make my own cheese. But, I live in Brooklyn NY. It would be hard to fit a goat here in my little NY apartment. Alas, I decided a few months ago that at least I could learn how to make cheese while I’m here in NY. I bought a home cheesemaking guide book and have begun a great adventure making a new cheese every weekend.

So far, I’ve made some tasty farmer’s cheese, a great mozarella (see below), a nice ricotta, a curd-y cottage cheese, the best yogurt I’ve ever had, and finally went for some hard cheese and made what looks to be a fine Cheddar which is aging on my counter as I type.

My First Goat Cheese (with basil)

My First Goat Cheese (with basil)

This weekend I went to Whole Foods and bought some goat’s milk and made my first two goat cheeses: a chevre and a creamy goat cheese. The chevre was finished moments ago and it is absolutely delicious – creamy and tasty. The other goat is in some molds I made.

I’m getting better and better and am excited to do some more goat’s cheese and to try an Italian cheese like parmesan.

I’ve been buying all of my equipment, starters, and other assorted bacteria and mold from and I bought my cheese press from Cheesey Press
which works fine but I want to try to make my own at some point as well. The best thing about this adventure is that it’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be and it’s delicious.

I highly recommend it as a hobby if you like cheese, food, science, etc. It’s fun and so good. Homemade cheese tastes so fresh.

I hope others interested in cheese-making will help me here or send me questions or tips.


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