If God Hands You Yeast, Make Sour-Dough

Sourdough Starter, Day 2

Sourdough Starter, Day 2

Along with my adventures in dairy, I have a real passion for fresh baked bread. I’ve been baking myself for a few years and have never used a bread machine. I like to do it all with my hands.

I’ve never made sourdough myself and I started reading about it recently. It’s so cool – you can make your own sourdough starter that could last forever (if you keep feeding it) with just flour and water — the natural yeast in the air does the rest.

You start by adding equal parts flour and water to a jar or container. Every 12 hours or so, you dump out half of it and replace it with equal parts flour and water again. Keep it lightly covered and make sure it is in a warm place. You will start seeing frothy bubbles on day 2 and it wll begin to take on a life of its own on day three or four.

I have a nice batch of starter going after just 4 days and am soon going to be able to use it for baking. It actually is a live “thing” and you have to feed it every few hours in the first couple of days.

For a good explanation of the process, check out this website.

I am excited to try to bake real sourdough bread!

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4 responses to “If God Hands You Yeast, Make Sour-Dough

  1. I absolutely love, love, love, your blog about the sour dough bread and CHEESEMAKING adventures. My goats just kidded a couple of weeks ago and I’m counting the days when we can ‘share’ their milk. I do love my goat’s cheese! Ricotta and Feta are also easy peasy to make at home. I’ve used it in sweet and savory, from manicotti, with pesto (with bombastic basil from the garden) to cheesecake and chocolate goat cheese truffles! YUM! I’d be happy to share the recipes if you’re interested?


  2. I love cheese. I came here via Wendy Usually Wanders. I might have to try the mozzarella cheese. Did I spell that correctly? Will be back to visit.

    Linda in Georgia

  3. Thanks for this informative post. Im pretty sure that many people searching information at this topic . Btw nice blog.

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