Sourdough Success

So, my live sourdough culture turns out to have worked after all (see below). After 10 days of feeding my flour and water concoction and watching all the bubbles form and the “hooch” form on the top (the slightly alcoholic liquid that forms during fermentation), I decided to try to use the sourdough starter.
I used a cup of my starter in a recipe to make 100% whole-wheat rolls. Here’s the recipe. 

My Sourdough Rolls From Fresh Starter

My Sourdough Rolls From Fresh Starter

I kept checking my dough to see if my sourdough starter was working and if it would rise. At first, I was disapointed when I didn’t see any movement. Only after a total of 2.5 hours did the dough really rise. It must have something to do with the strength of my starter. Alas, it did rise and I made delicious rolls.


It’s amazing that the natural yeast in the air makes this happen. It’s great to realize that all of the ingredients we need are around us if we just learn how to recognize them. While I wouldn’t get rid of supermarkets, we have lost something by not knowing how the world around us works in simple, amazing ways.

I highly recommend that if you have the time and patience, you start a sourdough culture. It’s just so cool…
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