Cheddar Debut


4 Week Ripe Homemade Cheddar

4 Week Ripe Homemade Cheddar

After waiting patiently for 4 weeks, I finally made my cheddar debut. I was nervous, having never done this before, that I would open the wax and it wouldn’t be cheddar or that it would be moldy. After I made, air-dried, and later waxed the cheese (see post below), I kept it in a cooler in my kitchen and, everyday, I put in a new icepack to keep the temperature low. You want the temperature in the 50s – warmer than a fridge, but colder than my apartment. Also, when you wax the cheese, you want to make sure that the wax covers the cheese completely so no mold can grow.


Alas, I “cut the cheese” and inside was…..Cheddar! It tasted sharp and fresh. I was so excited.



Tasting My Cheddar

Tasting My Cheddar

I have two big hunks and I brought one to a barbecue for people to taste. This was my first foray in public with my own cheese and I was a little nervous that people wouldn’t like it.I presented my cheddar for the sophisticated Brooklyn-ites at the party and, as you can see, they were a little hesitant at first. After a few bites, they dug in and the cheddar was a success.

It gave me a lot of confidence to keep going with this — people at the barbecue couldn’t believe I made this in my own kitchen. They think cheese comes from the gods or has to be processed in a factory. It’s great to make things that are available in nature (+buying the necessary bacteria over the internet!). Next is Swiss!!!

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4 responses to “Cheddar Debut

  1. It certainly made the staff meeting better…

  2. Avi,
    Seriously – I am totally impressed and humbled. I’m still happy with making my fresh mozzarella. One of these days I’ll face the fear and go for the gouda…. (or swiss, or cheddar!)

    • Hey Andrea – Have you tried Farmer’s cheese? or cottage? You don’t need any gear. When I made cottage cheese it was the best I had ever tasted. I know, I’m biased, but it was.

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