Hit the Road “Jack”….

I was planning on making Swiss, but there were so many steps in the recipe. I wimped out and instead made a Monterey Jack. I used whole cow’s milk for this one and I think it came out pretty good.

The curds were nice and tender and the recipe called for heating them up slowly over time until the curds. Here’s a picture of the curds in the pot just after I cut them.

Monterey Jack Curds

Monterey Jack Curds

After making the Jack, I pressed it the press (see below) overnight and it was done in the morning. I let it air-dry for just one day. My Gouda had air-dried for 4 days and it got moldy so I had to chuck it.

After one day, I waxed the Jack cheese and it’s now in my cooler aging.

In the meantime, my sourdough starter is still alive and kicking. It’s now living in my fridge. I take it out every 2-3 days and give it a feeding of flour and water. It rises up and starts eating the flour and gets nice and bubbly. That’s how I know it’s alive.

It’s still very cool – the cool factor has yet to wear off.

Sourdough White Bread

Sourdough White Bread

I tried making a sourdough white bread and got great results. I used this recipe from King arthur Flour which turned out very nicely. I got three great loaves which I shared with colleagues and friends. I can really see getting into this bread thing….And, it goes great with the cheese.

I am thinking of starting a Brooklyn or NYC cooking group for people who are into the “culinary arts” in one way or another and who want to share recipes and food with each other. I’d love to learn about pickling, home made pasta, home made kimchi, kombucha, etc. etc.

If anyone’s interested, be in touch and I promise some of this:

Yummy Sourdough

Yummy Sourdough

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4 responses to “Hit the Road “Jack”….

  1. Try stuffing the bread with some of the cheese before you bake it . Wowsers! Mary @ King Arthur FLour

  2. Count me in! I’m primarily interested in live fire cooking.

  3. MMMM. Great idea Mary.

  4. Brooklyn Q – let’s talk about it. Email me at: avirubel@gmail.com

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