More Kombucha…

Well…it’s been a few weeks and my Kombucha should be ready by now. I uncovered the jar – there’s no mushroom/SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) but it tastes like kombucha! I’m going to drink it and brew again and see if a SCOBY forms. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.


I found a really good kombucha recipe and article at The New Homemaker.


I am seeing more and more kombucha for sale in New York. All of the markets are carrying it now and it costs $4-5 per bottle! The homemade kind must be a better way to go…



6 responses to “More Kombucha…

  1. I’m a fan of Brooklyn Kombucha and I bought their brew-your-own kit at Brooklyn Kitchen last weekend so I’m about a week behind you with my own production. The instructions that I got said you can use a half a cup of the existing batch to start a new batch- maybe the scoby is dispersed? Hmm….

  2. I got a SCOBY from someone on Craigslist for a couple bucks. In fact, if you still haven’t gotten one, I could give you one of my babies. I never tried it without the SCOBY, but what I’ve been doing has been brilliantly easy. Also, if you haven’t been bottling it, I would highly recommend it. After it has fermented to your liking, bottle it up and it gets good and bubbly after a few days.

  3. Check out my blog at and check out the step by step instructions I have for brewing homemade Kombucha! I brew it regularly, and I LOVE IT!! If you have any problems ever let me know and I’ll be glad to help! I love flavoring it, too…the best is a lemon ginger!

  4. I don’t know if you had success subsequent to this post, but my suggestions for starting your own scoby from scratch are to combine the sweet tea and mature acidic kombucha in a jar, cover with cloth and rubberband, and then place in a warmish/darkish place for 2-4 weeks COMPLETELY UNDISTURBED. Like don’t even poke it, stir it, nudge it, move the jar or anything. I have had success with that method, and so have others. I guess since people like to look at their kombucha, you can look at it with a flashlight at this stage, but don’t bump it.

    However, once you get a healthy scoby going, you can move it around as much as you want. Scobys are tough little critters. Generally, they can handle a lot of tough love and even some abuse (within reason).

    Hope this helps. (and also, like that other person suggested, it’s easy and free to just get a scoby from craigslist, if you want to go the easy way)

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