Cheese in New York City

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I love cheese.

I love it so much that I make it in my own apartment in Brooklyn.On any given weekend, you can find my apartment full of cheese-cloth laden with curds hanging off of faucets and doorknobs and pots full of goats milk with assorted bacteria, yeasts, and other paraphernalia. No, my apartment doesn’t smell like a dairy. It might get a little stinky during cheese-time, but I have to keep it very clean to make sure my cheese stays pure.

Today, however, I am not making any cheese. Instead, I am talking about some of the best cheese spots in NY. One of my favorite places is Murray’s Cheese in Greenwich Village on Bleecker Street. They also have a satellite branch in the Grand Central Market. Murray’s is a Mecca for cheese-lovers. Not only do they have just about every kind of cheese any dairy-lover might crave, but they are also knowledgeable and eager to help. Murray’s also offers Cheese-University – a series of courses on cheese, cheese-making, and cheese appreciation.

My next favorite is Saxelby Cheese Mongers. Saxelby’s is in the Essex Street Market in the Lower East Side. Anne Saxelby is definitely one of the City’s premier Cheese-masters. She also offers cheese trips and tours to nearby cheesemakers and farms. On the Saxelby website is a great tool to check out cheese-makers and farms in the NY area.

In my neighborhood, a new-ish place has opened called Brooklyn Larder. Brooklyn Larder has a great cheese room and a nice selection of cheeses. They also have tons of other delicacies including smoked meats, olives, sandwiches, etc. I like the staff – nice people who give good cheese advice.

The other place I recommend is Artisinal Bistro. This place has great cheeses — 250 choices and a great wine selection with which to wash down your curds. Nothing like a stinky cheese and a strong red wine.

Anyone else have favorite cheese-places in NY or anywhere else?


One response to “Cheese in New York City

  1. I went to The Jakewalk in Carroll Gardens recently and was SUPER impressed with their cheese selection (restaurant/bar – not retailer). I believe they get their cheeses from Stinky Brooklyn. I’m a cheese lover too.

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