About Me

I love culture and things that are cultured. (I like people who are cultured too.)  I started making home-made cheese and bread because I love food and science, and everytime I make a new cheese or bread it feels kind of like an experiment that might result in something good to eat. I’m also passionate about gardening, farming and pretty much anything that has to do with food.

I’d love to hear from other home-butchers, bakers, cheese-makers, and other DYIers from NYC like me or from anywhere in the world.

I am also the founder of somibo.com: the soul, mind and body connection. Check it out!


14 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey….

    Saw your post on Serious Eats….

    Very cool….I’ve been experimenting with cheese for a couple of years now….to varying degrees of success. My uncle is a dairy farmer, so I try to only make cheese when I am able to get some fresh unpasteurized milk from him…cuz nothing works as well….and that’s been a while, so…haven’t made any lately….but…your post gave me the proverbial kick in the ass to get back to it…

    As far as bread goes…I’ve been baking since I was a child…..

    So…Cheese and bread is my kind of blog….I’ve bookmarked it & will visit often….

    My food blog is being revamped at the moment, but I did include a link to my pizza page….

    Kudos on a nice site….

    • cheesenbread

      Thanks. I have a hard time getting fresh milk in Brooklyn, but I did find a farm-to-table restaurnat nearby that gets fresh milk from PA and they said they will get me some.

  2. Hello!
    I got very excited upon seeing your post on chowhound, as while I do not have an answer (yet), I myself am beginning to look for places to sell homemade products. My venture is fresh pasta, although pickling, bread baking, fermenting anything really, is what gets my heart beating faster. Maybe we could share tips and discoveries? My pasta partner and I would definitely be interested in your cheese, as well, especially ricotta.
    If you’re interested in a chat or collaboration, or even just recipe exchanges for sourdough, do email me!

    Take care,

    • Wow -Gwen – I want to learn how to do some pickling and I love home made pasta. I’d love to exchange ideas, recipes, etc.

  3. aglutenfreeguide

    Another Serious Eater – I’m going to Ricki Carroll’s Cheesemaking class in October, I haven’t ventured to make anything before the class though!

  4. nice blog!!!!

    didn’t get a chance to really stay too long today, but i’m fascinated. I just found a goat cheese artisan in PA about an hour from me and I cannot wait to visit. I’m hoping to find someone to give me some hands on.

  5. I want to hear about the goat cheese place near you in PA. Let me know…

  6. I ‘ve been making cheese for almost two years in Brooklyn, aging it under the sidewalk. Thought you might like to see it: heinennellie@blogspot.com

  7. got the wrong website

  8. Thanks Jos. Fantastic.

  9. Jessica Schutzman

    HI there, What a great blog! I’m working on a project for the Cooking Channel. Is there a way we could chat?? Thanks, Jessica

  10. Have you trade marked “Somibo”?

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